Actual research done at our laboratory

DN-Sytems does actively researches in its own laboratory. These are some of our current projects:

Detection of forensic objects

It is quite simple to retrieve a picture or an audio file if there is an exact sample of it. However, previous algorithm such as MD5 fail if only one bit of an image or of a Word document was changed. With texts and also differently encoded versions it is always possible to to search for sections and keywords by using a search pattern generator. Unfortunately this method is not applicable for images, so that there must be another way to deal with images in order to clearly detect only the slightest changes of an image and to classify the pictorial material.

Further Development of DNS Forensic Toolkit

  • Enhancement of our forensic Toolkit with current requirements of laboratory testing
  • Development of dictionaries against brute force attacks

General IT security research

  • Platform-specific security holes
  • Buffer overruns
  • Tests and exploits analysis
  • Code analysis of worms and viruses and their transportation mechanisms

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