Audit Services

“Trust is good, control is better.”
We check your system according to accurately defined requests. This includes as well a simple port scan as a detailed analysis scanning for security holes. If desired we can simulate hacker attacks on your firewall and your intrusion detection system (IDS). In order to prevent to disturb the normal course of business in your company or to damage your production system, we offer you to carry out any security check in our own laboratory.

We run tests on:

  • Servers and work stations
  • Networks
  • VPNs and wireless LANs
  • Host and network based intrusion detection systems
  • Power warning features
  • Firewall and internet gateway
  • Your connection to the internet
  • Your router, terminal server and switches
  • Other embedded devices, such as network printer
  • Anti viral solutions for client, server, gateway
  • Authentication concepts and other security solutions
  • Security policies

After the analysis we are prepared to act as your advisor and to help you to close quickly and efficiently the detected security holes.

For more information on either of these audit services, please contact and we will arrange a time to learn more about your specific requirements.