Enterprise Internet

We offer you security and operating concept that is made to specific needs for fortune 500 companies, as well special for service provider. Many service across Europe and the Middle East trust us to design their business critical application or network design.

Some of our enterprise internet services included in our range of services:

  • Backbone operation, generic
  • Traffic Management, international peering
  • Design and applying for autonomous systems
  • Redundant BGP design and implementaion
  • Filter concepts to fulfill regional requirements
  • Proof of concepts for LI compliance and filter concepts
  • Router operation, specific for Cisco IOS in the ISP environment
  • Router operation, specific for Juniper JUNOS in the ISP environment
  • Firewall operation, specific for Juniper ScreenOS in the ISP environment
  • ISP Distribution and Access concepts
  • Antispam concepts as service for customers
  • Antivirus concepts as service for customers
  • Content security concepts as service for customers

For more information on either of these services, please contact services@dn-systems.com and we will arrange a time to learn more about your specific requirements.