Security Policys

We offer you security concept and threat modeling that is made to specific needs of your company: This refers as well to product specific concepts that can be verified in our labor as to a generic organization and standards concept. Some of our services included in our range of services:

  • Router operation, generic
  • Router operation, specific for JUNOS/Cisco IOS in the ISP environment
  • Enterprise Switch within the company generic (Layer 2 Security)
  • Recording of events (SIEM) using the syslog server
  • Antivirus concept
  • ISP housing operation partitioning each other
  • Host intrusion detection, generic
  • Network intrusion detection, generic
  • VPN concept for the worldwide securing of a group of companies? CRM solution
  • Enterprise backbone design
  • Enterprise Internet design

For more information on either of these services, please contact and we will arrange a time to learn more about your specific requirements.